Tommy Kane Draws Cambodia

This is a short film about me drawing in Cambodia. There is one scene in the film where I am surrounded by a lot of people watching me draw. A whole lot of people. Most artists do not like to perform under that kind of scrutiny. I on the other hand am insane and I thrive on that kind of situation. You can also see that the drawing I was doing in that scene was my best one in Cambodia. That kind of scene happens to me a lot. It only gets filmed if Yun, my wife, happens to be around. Usually she is off doing something else and it is too hard for me to try and set up a tripod and film it myself. At least she was able to capture that scene. It’s what makes drawing fun and hard for me at the same time.

Tommy Kane

Tommy Kane is a well known award winning advertising dude. He is also an accomplished illustrator. When not drawing and painting, he models underwear for Calvin Klein. You should check out his blog.

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  1. This is great! I would love to travel to places and make drawings of my explorations. Thanks for posting.

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