Luli Bunny for Momiji: Book Club dolls!

Momiji Book Club dolls

From left to right, I’d like to present: Danielle, Phoebe, Alex, Eve, Enid and Clarice.

I’m utterly happy!
Now available at Luli Bunny’s Book Club dolls!

Luckily, I’ve had the pleasure of working with the lovely Momiji crew all throughout 2010. After a year of dedicated hard work, I’m really proud and happy to announce the launch of my Book Club doll collection! …

I had a lot of fun designing this collection and I hope you all love them (and collect them XD) as much as I do. And how can’t you? This group of happy girls is passionate about literature!

Danielle loves cookbooks and she constantly daydreams about becoming a pastry chef.
Phoebe loves sci-fi books and stories about aliens.
Alex loves to read about magic, tarot and predicting the future.
Eve loves romantic stories, especially those involving redheads.
Enid loves to read about meditation.
Clarice loves pulp fiction, detective stories and trying to solve the mystery before the end.

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