PDX Backspace Gallery – Show opening picturees

This is the first in a great year of Art events folks…

Backspace Gallery is proud to present new artwork by:
Steve Mathews (pdx), Jeff Faerber (ny), Amigo (bc) & Bret Hostetler (pdx).
*Along with a new hallway mural/ *cats cradle collaboration by Steve Mathews & Ashley Montague!
**for pics of the show… go to www.Backspace.bz (gallery section)
or… www.facebook.com

The range, scale and medium of work these artists produce is amazing… from textural abstract pieces that let you wander in your mind…to intricate stencil work with a vibrant color palette. Animals and characters that tell a story thru their gaze… and Narrative wonderlands. These are all pieces that must be seen in person to really feel the depth of them.

Backspace Gallery
115 nw 5th ave. PDX
503 248 2900

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