Kooky Pets by Koldo Barroso

The 2nd edition of illustrator and author Koldo Barroso‘s “Kooky Pets” is now available for the 1st time in all large online book stores.

Compiled with the collaboration of a team of erudite scientists, “Kooky Pets” is the product of an Internet and social media experience where the blog readers are the co-creators as well as protagonists. The story of this book started in June 2009, when the author invited the readers of his blog to participate in the creation of a collection of imaginary creatures with their crazy ideas. The result of this fun experiment are 40 pages of fantasy and imagination, including 19 pages of full color illustrations… and a lovely foreword by reputed Fantasy doll maker and sculptor Lorell Lehman! …

Inside all of us lives a secret creature called a “Kooky Pet” who catalyzes our most intimate dreams and wishful yearnings. This book comprises of a collection of imaginary portraits of these absurd and fun pet characters, including stories, and witness descriptions. If you’re not afraid of meeting a surreal world where the cutest animals will reflect the most ridiculous and contradictory side of you, you’re going to love this book!

“Kooky Pets” is available in Amazon and Barnes & Noble online stores.

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