Finally designed a website – Monkey Chow

New Monkey Chow Website

Monkey Chow started a little under 2 years ago when I took a few of my illustrations and slapped them into frames to sell at an art show in Boston. The reception was pretty positive so I kept on drawing and just never took the time to make a website.

Unfortunately, I still don’t have time! However, I did make a nifty placeholder last week that basically just hot links off to all the social media sites like my flickr, facebook, twitter and etsy accounts. Later this year I’ll chop it all and fit it into a wordpress theme. For now it works for me, and it was a ton of fun to create the font and draw all the little elements for it (everything was hand drawn on paper then scanned in and colored digitally).

Monkey Chow

I'm a multimedia designer currently residing in the Boston area. My Bachelor of Fine Arts in Visual Communication is from Kendall College of Art and Design of Grand Rapids, MI. The faculty at Kendall chose me for a solo show and awarded me the exclusive ‘Studio Excellence Award’ for graduating at the top of my class. In 2004 I left Michigan with fellow artists from 280 Studios, an artist collaborative that started in the Grand Rapids area. During the next 4 years we developed and created fashion shows, art battles, artist parties, and collaborative events throughout the US. Meanwhile a set of quirky characters developed within the pages of my sketchbooks leading to the creation of Monkey Chow. Currently I exhibit across the East Coast and also sells at art festivals throughout the year.

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