SPZero76 – Collaberation (Inter)Nation(al)

Print 6. Experiment 1

Collaberation (Inter)Nation(al) is the brain child of Bristol based illustrator SPZero76. The idea came from a mixture of wanting to collaborate with some of the artists he admired and also make the link between different scenes within the art world.

Think of a chain letter for anyone who likes to Illustrate. Up and coming artists and well established professional doodlers working together to create beautiful pieces of art.

Talented illustrators and graffiti artists get to add their stamp and pass it on. In groups of around 4 people, each artist starts a piece off, and then sends it to the next person to add their bit, and so it goes on.
The completed piece eventually gets returned to the original artist who gets to keep the piece, with prints being available for everyone else (at a very reasonable price of course!)

Depending on the number of collaborators, each artist could be involved with the art of up to 12 other artists. All those involved get to make connections, get some good publicity, work with awesome people and get some amazing original art in the process.

The initial wave has a loose halloween theme as it started around that time of year, and future ‘Collabs’ may also be given a starting theme to get people off the starting block. Mixing styles, ideas and artists, there have been some truly amazing creations, and a show will be organised in 2011 to exhibit the finished pieces. Future collabs for 2011 will be advertised on the project’s facebook page so you can get further info via facebook or via email (collaberation_inter_nation_al@rocketmail.com)

We need well-known and non established artists to come together! This second ‘Collab’ will again only be based in the UK, but as referenced in the title we would like to branch out International. We also need people to run versions of the project in their own countries/ continents.

Get involved people!

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