Pixohammer – Free Flowing 2011 Calendar

2011 Free Flowing Calendar

Tired of traditional calendars presenting dates in boring grids, I created this free flowing way of laying out days in one continuous string. No more truncation of flow from week to week and from month to month. Time simply flows. Colours are key to signify the arrival of weekends, and the change from one month to the next. The full size image of this calendar can be downloaded from my blog. Feel free to print it yourself, or adopt this approach to create your own flowing calendar.


Born and raised in Hong Kong. Living in Canada. Received art instructions through drawing classes. Work in digital format. Output is mostly abstract, sometime surreal, and occasionally illustrative, available for online viewing through a personal web site and multiple blogs. Artistic goal is to explore the Buddhist concept of Emptiness through drawing. Selected works are sold as prints at Imagekind.

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