Violet Lemay – My Foodie ABC Placemats

Over the summer I made illustrations for a cool activity book, My Foodie ABC Placemats: A hearty serving of doodles, drawings, and other fun foodie activities. An advance copy of the book (written by Puck, published by DuoPress) arrived today, and I couldn’t be happier! Wow, the book looks amazing. It’s such a sweet and clever project, the brainchild of Mauricio Velázquez De León, owner of DuoPress. Each page, which tears off to become a placemat, contains a letter of the alphabet and the corresponding artwork from the original book, My Foodie ABC, as well as fun activities related to the food depicted. Coming soon to bookstores everywhere!

See samples of Violet’s work at her website,

Check out other awesome titles for kids at DuoPress,


Violet lives in Gansevoort, New York, with her husband and adorable son. She occasionally teaches classes in the illustration department of the Savannah College of Art and Design, but mostly she spends her time making art for kids books and magazines.

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