Keren Mack – One small step for beavory one giant leap for mankind

beavory summer time 2010

BEAVORY is the creative work of Keren Mack, a designer /illustrator/artist based in Israel.
It’s a world of creatures drawn by hand with black pen and ink who are not the typical pretty one- but carry them self proudly and bravery .Their top mission in the world is to inspire creativity and humor in people’s life.
Keren Mack was chosen as one of the most talented female artist world wide and her artworks are going to be in the 2010 CURVY annual publication. She just launched her new creative website hurry up and check it out!!!


Beavory world of adventure, Identified by its hand-drawn colorful detailed illustration inspired from nature, technology and urbanism life, offers kids a place to explore and challenge their imagination limits.

3 Responses

  1. Roy says:

    the world of beavory is creative beyond compare, all in the simplicity of the black and white ink, im sure its success will go beyond bounderies!

  2. sarit says:

    Really beautiful Art and I like it very much!

  3. Mr. Greenbaum says:

    That’s just brilliant, very refreshing and inspiring characters!. Well done for the designer

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