Eclectix – The H2O Show

The Water Art Issue, Take A Dip!
Features Include:
A water Inspired exhibit: Artworks relating to water; ocean art, octopus art, underwater art, mermaid art, surf art, fish, sea creatures, etc. The biggest and best online collection of water art anywhere!…

Online now: LINK

Fabulous artists included in H2O: Lois Van Baarle, Jason Jacenko, Chris Buzelli, Judith Schaechter, Michael Brown, Eric Fortune, Christine Benjamin, Nicoletta Ceccoli, Annie Leibovitz, Dan Quintana, Zoe Lacchei, Chris Ryniak, Diane Ozdamar, Jacqueline Gallagher, Amy Sol, Vladimir Kush, Dan May, Mizz Draconia, Sarah Joncas, Lauren K.Cannon, Howard David Johnson, Kaspen, Ryan Firchau, Ray Caesar, Jasmine Becket-Griffith, Kelly Louise Judd, Petrushka, Colette Calascione, Camille Rose Garcia, Mark Bryan, Lilla Martin, Sheila Wolk, Robert S. Connett, Boris Koodrin, Jennifer Wildermuth, Kassandra, Jennybird Alcantara, Natalie Shau, Sergey Urlapov, Imaginism, Vivek Ram, Scott Radke, Zena Holloway, Niklas Rhose, Bobby Chiu, Boris Vallejo, Joel Nakamura, Joshua Oshua, Nouar, Jeff Soto, KMNDZ, Bill Carman, Steve Jung, Annie Owens, Asia Eng, Eric Ryan and more as they are added…


Eclectix exhibits and publishes, an eclectic magazine of original fine art: newbrow, steam punk, contemporary, alternative, pop surrealism, traditional & urban art in a variety of mediums. Many local San Francisco artists, as well as non-local, known and unknown, contribute their talents to the online issues, rotating exhibits, events, & posts. Visit Us:

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