Benjamintmills Illustration – Shiny New Portfolio


I am an Illustrator from Gloucestershire, England, though currently based mostly in London. I have just relaunched my website, with a new portfolio that I’ve been working on over the past six months or so. Acrylic paint is currently my medium of choice. My work tends to feature a lot of natural history-based imaginings, alongside a good few portraits, although in my free time I like to work outdoors, painting and drawing on location, building up documentary projects.

I like to read and run, and visit the ducks at the UK’s Wildfowl & Wetlands Trust centres.

I particularly seek to express strong mood, atmosphere and visual wit in my work. I hope that this shows through.

My portfolio site lurks online at
I hope that you might find the time to take a peek, and I’d love to hear what you think.

Thanks a lot,

Ben Mills


I am an Illustrator from the UK currently dividing my time between London and Gloucestershire, having graduated from the University of Brighton last year.

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