Tracy Bishop – Signage design and illustration for Palo Alto Jr. Museum and Zoo

Tracy Bishop Illustration and Design for Zoo sign

This summer I was contacted by the Palo Alto Jr. Museum and Zoo to redesign and do the illustrations for their zoo renovation project. The concept for the zoo signs was to make it feel like a picture book so the parents can pretend they are reading a story to their children as they went through the zoo. For this project I did the design work for 60+ signs and painted 30 watercolor illustrations. See more illustrations and photos from the project at my blog.

Tracy Bishop

Hello! My name is Tracy Bishop and I am a children’s book illustrator working in San Jose, CA. I create my illustrations using Photoshop and watercolors.

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  1. andi says:

    Tracy congratulations!! What a brilliant and fun assignment! You’ve executed it beautifully! Well done!

    a : )

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