Tamzin Woodward – The Randolph Caldecott Prize Winner 2010

ing a Song for Sixpence, Mixed Media, ? Tamzin Woodward 2010

The Caldecott Society annually presents an award to an Illustration undergraduate student at North Wales School of Art & Design in recognition of ‘outstanding illustration work’. The Society, based in Chester, is an organization celebrating the work of the nineteenth century children’s illustrator. Tamzin Woodward was selected winner of the 2010 Randolph Caldecott Society’s student illustration competition, for her interpretation of the nursery rhyme, ‘Sing A Song For Sixpence’…
The final artwork took the form of a 3D sculptural piece, consisting of mainly of paper and wire.

Tamzin received a certificate, a facsimile copy of the original Sing a Song for Sixpence of 1880, a cash prize of £100 and a year’s membership to the Society.

My work is inspired by the written word, music, organic forms, gnarly trees, nature and its beauty. I also enjoy making 3D forms, and using mixed media. I try to be true to the subject matter whilst maintaining a decorative element. Compositional balance and harmony in the use of colour and tone are of great importance to me, and reflect the influence that traditional art has had on me.
For art related questions & freelance inquiries, please feel free to email me: woodwardillustration@live.com

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