Poketo x Club Mumble – Limited Edition Wallet and T-Shirt Series!

Poketo is proud to present the Poketo x Club Mumble Series, a collection jointly curated with Bob Kronbauer, of limited-edition wallets and t-shirts featuring the artwork of Mumble members Jeremyville, Travis Millard, Andrew Pommier, and Tony Larson…
These artists are prominent figures within the skateboarding community, but are also prolific self-publishers, product designers, gallery artists, and designers, making their work difficult to classify. What is clear and common throughout their endeavors is a love for a creative lifestyle, and the joy of creation. The Poketo x Club Mumble Series celebrates a shared passion for creativity, collaboration, and friendship.

This project has a certain poignancy to Poketo co-founder Ted Vadakan, who grew up around a tightly-knit community of skaters and artists. As an added bonus, buyers will receive a re-editioned copy of Ground Beef, a skateboarding zine made back in 1985 by Ted’s brother, Tony Vadakan. Now over 25 years old, the pages in this zine feature photographs, interviews, and comics from the young upstarts who are now significant names in skate-art-music world including, Tony Hawk, Mark Gonzalez, Thomas Campbell, Christian Hosoi, and Tom Groholski.

Check it out at poketo.com!


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