Mike Friedrich & Timrobot – Exhibition – NOW IN 2D*

From September 30th to October 30th 2010 Mike Friedrich and Timrobot will show a potpourri of illustrations and paintings at the West Berlin Gallery in Berlin, Germany… In a time where the 3D trend is rising and everything is jam-packed with 3D effects, new products flood the market everyday. Everything gets a 3D facelift – like Botox for the media. Coming from a background of comics, Saturday morning cartoons and a time where 3D was more like blue and red lines than hightech effects, the artists want to set a statement and present their artworks – dealing with the 3D theme in a humorous and satiric way – completely in 2D*.

* Special 2D-glasses will be provided at the Opening at 7pm on the 30th of September. The evening will be completed by music and drinks to make it a date.

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