Another 100 Days of Art – for charity

Another 100 Days of Art

Eight months ago, whilst wracking my brains for a way to overcome my apparent inability to keep a Sketchbook, I came up with a simple idea; one new drawing a day on my website, every day, for a 100 day period. Fast forward to August 2010, and the project had been long completed.

I’ve decided to launch the second series of ‘100 Days of Art’. This time, the difference is that I’m asking for sponsorship which shall be pointed in the direction of Ideally I want to raise £100, £1 per illustration, but anything I get beyond that will be a bonus. If you have the money to donate and appreciate the project, please visit this sponsorship link. You can also view the daily-updated project (which began, fittingly, on Friday 13th) by heading over to Another 100 Days of Art.

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  1. Tomas says:

    light and peace indwell in your site. It would be fine to support your project, unfortunately my own artworks totally depend on charity of the viewers. I wish you the best – send all I have (the magical power of good intentions)

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