Freddy Boo – Tribute to John Held Jr. for Illostribute

Freddy Boo - She left home under a cloud

Recently I received an invitation from the wonderful illustrator Toby Thane Neighbors to contribute to his new collaborative illustration blog Illostribute…
The idea is to “pay tribute to master illustrators from the past, by investigating their work through interpretation”. A ‘master’ is chosen and illustrators are asked to interpret an image in their style of the chosen master illustrator.

The second master illustrator chosen was the extraordinarily talented John Held Jr. recognized for his jaunty characters and humour which graced the covers of Vanity Fair, The New York Times Sunday Magazine and Life.

In researching John Held Jr.’s work I was drawn to his characters based on observations of 1920′ – 30’s youth. The image I chose was from a Life cover titled ‘She left home under a cloud’.

Visit Illostribute to see the other illustrators interpretations of John Held Jr.’s work.

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Freddy Boo

London based illustrator Freddy Boo produces vibrant graphic illustrations, combining lively figures with simple shapes and patterns composed in bold compositions or humorous detail. He currently illustrates a regular column for the National Geographic Traveller UK magazine. Freddy's work has been recognised by the Association of Illustrators Images 35 Best of British Illustration, 3x3 Int'l ProShow No. 7 & 10, American Illustration 32 and The Serco Prize for Illustration exhibition 2011, 2012 at the London Transport Museum.

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