Sketch Or Die! – 48 Hours of Non-Stop Drawing

NonSleep Illustration project from Mexico!
4 illustrators, 1 room, 48 straight hours drawing for you.
Sketch or Die begins on Monday, August 30th, 6 pm (Mexico City).

Armed with all sorts of instruments, quirks and techniques, 4 young Mexican illustrators (Iván Mayorquín, Bacse, Rosina Marisin and Pingolito) will spill all their talent, creativity and dexterity drawing for 48 hours non stop, locked in a 13 x 13 ft. room where their only contact with the outside world will be Twitter and Facebook accounts along with a live feed in Ustream…

During these 48 hours, everyone can ask these fellows to draw anything they’d like: from a portrait to an angry f-you to a love declaration, a favorite song, a tweet, a character or even an object in the illustrator’s reach. All of these drawings will be delivered digitally and immediately by demand.

As a special guest, the project will have the participation of the great Mexican illustrator Cecy Meade.

Sketch or Die is a project of the third generation of Digital Invaders, school of Grupo W.

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