Phil Corbett – Scary Mary’s Hairy Beary Fairy Tales

All your fairy tale faves under one roof.

As part of Manchester Pride Fringe this year Phil Corbett will be putting on a little show at the Odder Bar in Manchester. It’s a take on some of the old fairy tales and should show them in a new light. Or maybe the old light that modern publishers have brushed aside when reprinting them to remove the dark edge for today’s delicate children. Don’t worry, that’s all back in!

Expect the usual mixture of cute & disturbing and if you can make it to the opening night, next Thursday the 19th, I’ll be there (I’ve dropped the pretense of writing in the third person – you knew it was me really, didn’t you). Please come and say hello if you’re up in that neck of the woods, it’ll be ace to see you. Details of the opening night are here.

I must mention that Bulldog (who make male grooming products) are sponsoring the show and they’ve been great and are really pro UK illustration so kudos to the chaps there.

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