Joshua Hooper – Before Sunset

This ONE of FOUR movie posters I’m designing, while trying out some new styles. I’m doing There Will Be Blood, Taxi Drive, Bad Boys, and this one, Before Sunset 2004 ( A Richard, Linklater film: Scanner Darkly, Dazed and Confused) . I tried to experiment with a less cartoonish style than my usual steed, and go for a more pastel and conservative look, given the nature of the subject matter.

The movie is basically one long conversation that would fall in the romantic comedy category, so I approached it as such. Here is the fruits of my labor. Thanks for watching. – Joshua Hooper


I'm a bad-ass illustrator who makes bad-ass illustrations. I use to be content with being average, but now I'm the SHIT! I'm currently looking for worthwhile freelance work. Juicy J

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