Andy Council – Planet Bristol

Planet Bristol is Andy Councils latest highly detailed illustration based on his home city of Bristol, UK. ¬†The piece is for the Bristol Green Doors event which is about domestic green refurbishment throughout all areas of the city. ¬†Further information on the project and how the illustration was created can be found on Andy’s blog –

andy council

Andrew uses his drawing skills and love of detail to create bizarrely intricate collections of creatures; from rabbits made of tanks to dinosaurs mobilized by 'lots of stuff'. His work has huge visual impact and draws the viewer closer in to a bright and distorted world. He was trained in the traditional techniques of animation and drawing, becoming influenced by Miyazaki and Geoff Darrow amongst others. He taught himself digital techniques and now uses a combination of graphics, line drawing, ink and paint pen. Not content with screen or paper, Andy is now assaulting windows of Bristol with his unique menagerie.

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