Tom Bagshaw’s Yokai Dreams print release

Tom Bagshaw prints at Fine Grime

‘Hito-Dama’ and ‘Kuchisake Onna’ from Tom Bagshaw’s recent solo show have now been released as limited editions of 50 from Fine Grime.

Each is approximately 16×22″ Giclee printed on Woodstock felt cotton rag stock, signed and numbered.

Visit to purchase.

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  1. Im also running a small competition to give away a few of the fold up flyers that were given out at the show. Theres a limited amount left so all names will go into a hat and winners picked in a couple of weeks.

    Check out:

  2. Beautiful work as always Tom! Must starting saving my pennies for one of you giclee’s in the mean time please stick me in the hat!

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