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Sticks - Copper Cuppa

Sticks is a slice-of-life detective comedy series about Detective Inspector Plank and his bungling crew that includes Constable Witch, Constable Sergeant and Sergeant Constable. And it’s all animated using various wooden bits of cutlery. Most of the characters are drawn on coffee stirrers, but they also have a yeti on a spatula, a zombie on a pastry baster, and an evil pencil sharpener…
The voices are supplied by a team of five voice actors including Shakespearian actor Sam Troughton (Robin Hood) who is currently appearing as Romeo at the RSC, Rachel Ferjani (Torchwood), David Holt (A Town Called Panic) and the series creators The Brothers McLeod.

BBC Comedy – Sticks

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Sticks - Prisoner

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I am a writer and my bro is an illustrator-animator.

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