Oivind Hovland – Editorial Illustrator

This quirky illustration website is now packed with new exciting work.  Check it out and let me know what you think! Cheers, and enjoy the summer!

Website: www.oivindhovland.com

Blog: www.oivindhovland.blogspot.com


Quirky freelance illustrator working for magazines, newspapers, publishers and advertising agencies. Clients:My clients: Radio Times, Esquire Magazine, Haymarket Media Group, Rogers Communications, Gyldendal Publishing, Pearson Media, Circus Advertising, Extreme Group Advertising, The BBC, The Daily Mail, PC Pro Magazine, Zoot Magazine, Bergens Tidende, Accounting and Business Magazine, Dagbladet, Quill & Quire Magazine, Ikon Images, Alma Books, Lexus Books, Intellect Ltd, Bristol Review of Books, Det Norske Samlaget Publishing, Kapital Magazine, Campaign Flame Records, The Good Ski Guide, Onboard Magazine, ReNew Magazine, Alberta Venture, Magma Magazine, Arena Magazine, Sykepleien Magazine, Morgenbladet, Bulaja Animation, Compass - International Film Festival, and The Danish Association of Visual Artists. Blog: www.oivindhovland.blogspot.com

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