Nicomi Nix Turner – “A Lesson In Rapture & Chaos” Illustration

“A Lesson In Rapture & Chaos”

American illustrator Nicomi Nix Turner’s newest piece¬†featuring tons of bugs, plants, and insane amounts of detail.
Alchemy and Nature are the base studies and themes in Nicomi ‘Nix’ Turner’s pieces…

Her Southern Oregon upbringing and an early interest in alchemy, kindled an infatuation with the study of plants, animals, their symbology and properties.

Using this knowledge and self-taught hand, the pieces created often reflect subject matters pertaining to Religion (specifically Paganism and counter-religious belief), Nature’s Legacy, Alchemy, Fables and Anatomical Deconstructionism. (from artist’s site)

See more of her work on her website and blog.

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