Michele Melcher – Design for MINESPIRE – Angry Octopus!

I was recently approached by a great new start up company named Minespire. They are a shared profit business, making a positive difference with every product sold. Through this, human rights, animal rights and environmental organizations are able to get closer to their goals.

Minespire is working with different artists to develop shirt designs that tell a story about a cause. Each artist will have a page where you can read about them and the work that they do. I was asked to create a t-shirt design to support environmental causes. Although environmental issues have been going on for a long time, the BP spill is fresh in everyone’s mind. I came up with several concepts for this and the Angry Octopus was born.

The official Minespire launch is set for this fall, and the website and store is a work in progress. But please check out their site and follow their Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube pages. Spread the word and help a great cause!


Illustrator. Creator. Watcher. Doer. Sucker for any animal. Seeker of fun. Philadelphia, PA ยท michelemelcher.com

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