Matt Furie, Jon Vermilyea, & Louie Cordero x POKETO Limited Edition Wallets!

Poketo is pleased to present Perverse Universe, a limited edition wallet series that offers a view into the mad minds of Matt Furie, Louie Cordero, and Jon Vermilyea. These artists share a love for storytelling, a fondness for the weird, and an obsession with textures…
Their strange worlds have plenty of irreverent humor and oddball characters, now in exclusive, wallet-sized pieces. The release also includes comic books and prints from the artists, as well as illustrated interviews, to be posted on our blog.

Perverse Universe wallets and prints available here!


Poketo collaborates with an international roster of artists to create limited edition art products. Poketo's efforts to integrate art into everyday begins with accessible art and extends to events that bring like-minded creatives together. houses the entire collection and artist roster, and offers a place for people to connect with the creative community. P O K E T O ( Twitter: Facebook: Blog: Flickr:

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