Jenny Lloyd – Herbal Remedies Part I: Dandelions

Herbal Remedies: Dandelion

Part I of a forthcoming series of illustrations about herbal remedies which are reputed to ease the common side-effects of pregnancy. This lovely lady can be yours in the form of a gallery quality print, canvas, iPhone skin, laptop skin or t-shirt from my Society6 shop; or you can download her for free onto your desktop or iPhone from my portfolio site! Treat her gently, though, she’s in a delicate condition… 🙂

Jenny Lloyd

Jenny has been working as a freelance illustrator since graduating from Falmouth College of Arts in 2004, and during that time has undertaken commissions for a wide range of international clients. She is currently based in Ireland and is represented by London-based agency Phosphorart. Jenny has an interesting and varied portfolio and a passion for contemporary illustration; her style is modern and accessible, with a fresh, delicate, feminine edge, and takes inspiration from Japanese art prints, art nouveau, and the natural world. Jenny's artworks are designed and created in Photoshop; her highly developed skills using digital media enable her to be flexible, prolific, and to produce work on deadline for many different purposes, including editorial illustration, book cover design, advertising and greetings card/surface pattern design. Clients and publications for which Jenny has worked include: Publishing: Penguin Books, Random House, Warner Books, Plenary Publishing, Little Brown Book Group Editorial: BBC Radio Times, Highlife Magazine, Advanced Photoshop, Photoshop Creative, Sunrise, MacUser, Her Nashville, My Weekly, London Loop, and Candis Magazines Greetings: Hallmark Cards, Vanilla Publications, Blue Frog Cards, Independent Clients: Little Wonder, Design Sensation, Barreworks, Kenneth Yau, Luminous Arts, Kisci Haz, Baddit Ltd. and the Bright Agency.

2 Responses

  1. Paula says:

    Very nice picture 😀 Thanks!

  2. Susan says:

    Hi Jenny,

    Your illustrations are absolutely gorgeous. I love how your etherial feeling is swept through each piece. Thank you for allowing us to download some of your work. Do you have restrictions? Would you like a link to your site or credit named anywhere? It’s not specified here or even on the download site and I’d like to be sure of your requests. Thanks.

    How’s Ireland? I went there years ago when my husband ran the Dublin marathon. He finished and it was quite a feat!


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