Hawk Krall – VendrTV Wallet

Hawk Krall illustrated this sweet Tinymeat wallet for street-food website VendrTV. For 25 bucks you get the limited edition wallet as well as discounts at food trucks all over the country.

VendrTV Wallet on Youtube

hawk krall

Hawk Krall resides in Philadelphia where he enjoys drawing illustration and comic art for the print medium. Clients include: Art In The Age, Baltimore Citypaper, Complex Magazine, Heeb, Hustler, Kuma Ginger Juice, Las Vegas Weekly, Notion Magazine, Philadelphia Independent, Philadelphia Weekly, Richie Records, Swindle, Screw, The Stranger, Violent Students. Mr Krall's work has also been seen at venues including Blackfloor Gallery/Copy Gallery, Honeymilk, Padlock Gallery, Objex Artspace. Look for a solo show in 2008.

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