Gerald Kelley – Changing Illustration Style

A sample of my new style of illustration

After spending the last several years working in an illustration style that was highly stylized and much more vector driven, I’ve made a fundamental shift in my work. I decided to return to the roots of my drawing by re-embracing a more hand-drawn, storybook style that is similar to my old analog watercolor work. I was getting really tired of how generic all my work was looking and I had to make a fundamental shift.

Check out more of my work at my portfolio site and you can read more about why I decided to change by reading my blog.


Gerald Kelley is a professional illustrator whose clients include Price Stern Sloan, Scholastic, Macmillan, Hearst, and Teen Magazine. His work has been featured in children's educational materials, short-story magazines and corporate publications. Gerald is illustrator of the ABC picture book, 'T is for Turkey' and is currently at work on it's companion, 'A is for America,' both written by Tanya Stone. Born in Texas, Gerald currently resides in South Florida where it's far too humid and where he spends way too much time indoors.

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