Cole+Josephine – New watercolour artwork

And flowers say summery home

New original watercolor illustration by Nicole Sharp of Cole+Josephine…

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Nicole Sharp

Nicole Sharp is a self taught artist and painter. Using watercolor, ink, graphite, gauche, and colored pencil she creates charming, handmade paintings that carry the unique touch of a real hand holding a real brush. She adores the unpredictable nature of watercolor, which gives a spontaneous quality to her work and emphasizes the made by hand charm. Her work revolves around her love of color, which she uses to draw out the optimism and humor that can be so easily misplaced in a pessimistic world. She simplifies and exaggerates, finding unlikely combinations that reflect humor and sensitivity to everyday life. Nicole looks for unlikely subtext in items and lends a unique point of view to the everyday, creating memorable illustrations full of color and life.

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