ARTE LAGUNA PRIZE – V Edition – Open Call

The International Prize “Arte Laguna” starts the new edition with the goal of promote young contemporary art. Remaining consistent to the original purposes of its two creators, Laura Gallon and Beatrice Susa, the Arte Laguna Prize continues it’s course as an “incubator of Italian and international young art”, with the will to discover new talent, to support emerging artists in promoting their creativity and to develop their careers…
Continuing the path opened in 2006, the Prize, organized by the Cultural Association MoCA and Arte Laguna, highlights the peculiar ability to innovate and renew itself. It gained importance and value in a few years in the contemporary art system and it achieved a great success in the 2009 edition, with 5.500 participants from more than 90 different countries, and almost 5,000 visitors for the main exhibition of the 180 Prize finalists, which was successfully completed in Venice on 31st March.

The final exhibition – which displays the 110 finalists selected by judges – is scheduled in March 2011, involving again the prestigious venue of the Arsenal of Venice. And the total value of the Prize is about 100.000 euros.

Also for its fifth edition, the Prize offers Special Prizes in collaboration with the Galleries Partners, a network of more than 30 Italian and foreign galleries, that host personal exhibitions for the selected artists among the finalist ones. those represent more opportunities and visibility linked with nationally and internationally important events and institutions in the art field.

The deadline for apply is the 16th November 2010, by mail, or the 10th December 2010, for online applications.

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