Shaw Nielsen – New Illustrations for HOW Magazine

There’s not much to be said about being asked to illustrate something for HOW magazine, one of the premier graphic design and illustration magazines in the world, than it was a honor. The article was a point counterpoint about the benefits and drawbacks of crowd sourcing, titled “Designers Dilemma.”

Shaw Nielsen

I am a pretty snazzy artist, illustrator and designer, and my illustration work for both adults and children has appeared in magazines, advertising, posters, social expression and newspapers around the world. My style is fresh and I work quickly. I was educated in San Francisco at the Academy of Art and currently reside in Denver, Colorado with my wonderful friends and family. My illustration has been honored by the Alliance of Illustrators, the Art Directors Club of Denver, the Denver Egotist and has been featured in Communication Arts. It still makes it on my mother’s fridge from time to time. The fact that I’m snazzy is not news to her.

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  1. Galroyal says:

    What a delicious illu. Love the birds “hiding” under the robot head!!

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