LeBasse Projects – Morgan Slade’s Savage Justice

Gallery: Morgan Slade:: ‘Savage Justice’
Project Room: J Shea:: ‘Lifeforms’
July 17th-August 7th 2020
Artist reception; Saturday, July 17th, 7-10pm

Savage Justice,’ a solo exhibition by Morgan Slade. Slade creates one of a kind mixed media paintings. Altering his own digital photographs of scantily clad women with paint, pen, pencil and collage he transforms straightforward images to chaotic madness. His pieces prey on primitive natural instincts with a youthful aesthetic appeal and bright, vibrant colors. By defacing exceptionally attractive people, Slade aesthetically changes his figures to appear flawed in some manner. He creates visual metaphors of consumerism, advertising and technology by inventing his own symbols or by appropriating familiar icons.

For inquiries please contact:
LeBasse Projects
6023 Washington Blvd. Culver City. CA. 90232
T: 310.558.0200
Hours: Wednesday to Saturday 12-6pm


LeBasse Projects is one of the fastest growing galleries specializing in new contemporary art. Dealing in the development of a select roster of emerging talent, LeBasse Projects has quickly become one of the premier galleries showcasing the next generation of artists.

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  1. amy rice says:

    lebasse projects in culver city: Jennifer Davis is a wonderful person and a fantastic artist. Previous incarnations of this gallery have refused to pay her for paintings they sold. If you are an artist please beware of unscrupulous gallery owners-If you are an art collector/ buyer please do not support this gallery.


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