John W. Tomac – Chico News & Review Cover

John W. Tomac for Chico News & Review

John W. Tomac was hired to illustrate the cover of a special edition of the Chico News & Review. The issue was produced for California State University at Chico students in the class of 2014 attending summer orientation. Art director Tina Flynn pitched an idea of a smart phone with Chico-centric apps on its screen. More on the creative process behind this image can be seen here.

John W. Tomac

John W. Tomac is a Brooklyn-based illustrator. His work is a happy marriage of the mid 20th century style and contemporary ideas and concepts. John has worked with a number of newspapers, magazines, design and advertising agencies, corporations and non-profit organizations. His work has been recognized by Communication Arts. When not working, John is likely to be found running through the streets of New York City.

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