Camilla D’Errico – ‘Croc O’ Hug’ T-Shirt & Art Print On Sale 6/21 – 6/27!

Croc O' Hug

LTD Tee has teamed up with the amazing anime illustrator Camilla D’Errico to release her “Croc O’ Hug” painting as a t-shirt and art print on 6/21. Camilla is best known for her pop surrealism style of work. As always this box set is available for one week only, exclusively at from June 21st to June 27th. MSRP for this product is $26.99 and our shirts come in both men’s and women’s sizes.

The Camilla D’Errico box set includes:
• High quality, screen printed t-shirt
• 8” x 10” art print
• Custom screen printed box
• Artist bio on both the box and neck label
• Sticker pack


Company Philosophy The t-shirt is our generation’s medium for artistic expression. More than just clothing, t-shirts are a canvas. LTD Tee provides the complete t-shirt experience by combining art and fashion together in a single, elegant package. About Our Artists LTD Tee works with a variety of artists from around the world, ranging from well-known to undiscovered. Every one of our artists is hand-picked to ensure that the products we produce are innovative and unique. Past and future releases include designs by David Flores, Camilla D’Errico, MCA / Evil Design, JThree Concepts and MWM Graphics. What Does LTD Tee sell? LTD Tee is a purveyor high quality, limited edition t-shirts and art prints. Every package we sell includes: • A high quality, screen printed t-shirt • 8” x 10” art print • Custom screen printed box • Artist bio and signature • An assortment of LTD Tee stickers The Limited Concept Every design we sell is available for only one week. This business model allows us to price our packages affordably and ensures the exclusivity of your purchase. After that week is up, the design is no longer available for sale. Make sure to get yours before it’s gone!

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