2010 Inspirational Design Class from Huntington University

Inspirational Design 2010
Inspirational Design is basically a computer illustration class for animation majors. Assignments ranged from cereal boxes, to movie posters, to Russian nesting dolls, to super hero trading cards based on each student’s nick names. Taught by Professor Bryan Ballinger. This year’s class includes work from…
This year’s class includes work from:

Bryan Zabala
Curtis Wood
Noah Blackwell
Ben Doege
Orie Rush
Elisabeth Meyer
Andrew Martin
Colleen Thornbrugh
Cevin Thornbrugh
Cole Phillips
Pete Molinero
Jesse Nelson
Jimi Bonogofsky
Josh Addessi
Ryan Barger
Colin Whitehurst
Darah Snider
Brett Swanson
Joel Bullis
Ryan Paxton
Jake Workman
Billy Lewark
Jeff Hart
Jay Canul
Curtis Little
Derek Johnson
Andrew Watson

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