Sauerkids book!

Read-ing and Writ-ing with Sau-er-kids. In this book Sauerkids take you by the hand to teach you the alphabet from A to Z. You’ll meet loads of new friends in the strangest situations. Reach out and indulge yourself in reckless education!

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Sauerkids is Mark Moget and Taco Sipma, an artist duo based in Rotterdam, the Netherlands. Besides their current day jobs as graphic designers, they started in May 2006 the label Sauerkids on the side as an outlet for their non-client based work. Their character based art has been shown in several exhibitions, art projects, magazines & books. They've been accused of "being on medication" or "sick (in a good way)", but in the end their work is probably best described as a combination of innocent childhood imagery and the mental confusion of everyday life.

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