Hara Katsiki – Alfa Romeo Art Print Collection: Synthetic Imagination

On occasion of its centennial anniversary, Alfa Romeo, the legendary Italian car maker, launches its official fine art prints collection in collaboration with Cultwork and Illustrative…
As part of its official art collection, Alfa Romeo presents a truly unique series of artworks: The Alfa Romeo Centennial Fine Art Prints Collection

100 exceptional artworks by 100 different artists, freely celebrating the vast history of Alfa Romeo through different styles and aesthetic concepts. Each artwork is,reproduced in a limited edition of 100 fine art prints only.

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I was commissioned by Illustrative to create an artwork for this collection

Statement of the artwork:

Machine, technology, speed, autonomy, transhumanism, robotics, androids. The technological revolution will fundamentally change our nature and the way we live. The future is here. Humanoid machines with the artificial intuition and ability to express authentic emotions. Our posthuman machines will become more like us and we will become more ilke our machines. This is a visual statement rather to ask questions than to provide answers.The artwork is a result of two different mediums. The machine and the human.

The digital desaturated part of the composition speaks of the machine’s cold world. Likewise the vibrant tears, as a nonverbal human behavior, evokes help.

The question that reveals is whether technology will dominate our nature…

Hara Katsiki



As a kid I've always been fascinated by artists My bet was that they had something weird,beyond,queer,mythical,fab. I thought that these semigods by creating, they where giving birth to their creatures in an outside world. With this idea hunting me, I spent most of my life in this dream world. where fact and imagination were blending. Love,fear,death,blood,nature,fairytales,odd creatures,dolls,rainbows,animals,robots,mushrooms,horror film,animation,synth,colour,zeppelins,guns,torture,aliens,pixels.unicorns. I'm very earth-born but amazingly enough it was the computer and technology that helped me express myself. And finally i was home

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