Felice Perkins – 3d stickers


etsy shop online now for anyone that wants to take a look,

heres the spiel about the stickers:

These are handmade 3D stickers, they range from 4 1/2cm x 5 1/2 cm to 9 1/2cm x 8 1/2 cm and will stick to most flat surfaces provided that you first warm them up in your hands. Once stuck it will stay for as long as you would like it to and will stay extremely stuck on warmer surfaces like laptop covers(or ovens, though i can’t really see why you’d stick it on an oven)

Here’s a demonstration of me sticking other stickers onto a glass…


Suggested surfaces are:
LAPTOPS, desks(I have one on my desk leg), cupboards, wardrobes, speakers, printers, mirrors and windows.


i am fep, i love trees, my work is environmentally conscious but with a sprinkling of mischief and adventure

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