Everett Peck – Pamplin Grove Community Gathering artwork

Pamplin Grove Humboldt Community Gathering June 26, 2010

Cover art for invite to Community Gathering at Pamplin Grove in Humboldt County CA. June 26, 2010

Illustration by Everett Peck



Illustrators Representative since 1982

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  1. R,

    Here you go, based on a true story:

    Oct 5th 1910. A half ton heifer named Romeo becomes the first cow to pilot an airplane in England. The planes owner, Lord Charles Flatbottom of Cornwall had foolishly left the keys in the ignition whilst relieving himself in a pasture.


    That’s the note that originally accompanied this drawing. The art was later adapted to the party invite in the manner you’ll see if you click on the salzint/cookout link (which, btw, all Little Chimp readers are invited to!)

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