Cristian Grossi – Insekta project – Project by Kreativehouse studio. Illustration by Cristian Grossi

Insekta. An Italian paper & fashion project by KreativeHouse studio.
I have designed a new collection of texture and illustration.
It’s called Insekta (R), and it’s a series of women inspired by my mother and her fear of insects.

Studio KreativeHouse is the official merchandising seller, if you like it visit this store.
If you like it, please, please, please let me know.

Insekta - Phasmatodea.Insekta series. Phasmatodea. Illustration by Cristian Grossi

Insekta series. MantodeaInsekta series. Mantodea. Illustration by Cristian Grossi


I’m an italian designer, currently working in Parma, Italy. I love design, minimalism and modernism. I love working and experimenting with illustration techniques, patterns, abstract design, colours and graphic.

3 Responses

  1. Dorothy Alban says:

    sophisticated and fearly!! it’s amazing.

  2. Anna B. says:

    what a strong stuff! i’m sure i’ll fear insect

  3. Selena Thornson says:

    :O vintage flavour
    great skills !!

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