Christine Marie Larsen – Shell Game for 48hr Magazine

My illustration “Shell Game” was selected for inclusion in Issue Zero of 48hr Magazine “Hustle”…
48hr Magazine was produced between May 7 and May 9. The issue theme was unveiled on Friday, submissions were accepted through Saturday, and the issue was edited, designed and put to bed on Sunday.

This was a fantastic project and a fun exercise in quick turn conceptual illustration. I’m so pleased that my image made it into this first issue of the magazine and I look forward to submitting again in the future! Thanks 48hrMag editors and staff!

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Issue Zero now available at MagCloud

Christine Larsen

I am a Seattle-based illustrator and designer. I use a variety of media both analog and digital to create my work. I love saturated color, black lines, spooky/silly subject matters and sweetness. See more work at

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