Bakabakashii & XLab – Square Bunnies, Berlin Invasion

square bunnies

Never heard about Bakabakashii paper toys? You definitely missed something really interesting! Now you’ve got the chance to catch up with it, download one of the toys for free, awake you creativity or maybe even submit your own custom for urban installation in Berlin…

Bakabakashii: This is the X_Lab initiative. Anyone who want to participate can download the template and submit his own design for my squarebunny paper toy, this submission must be sent as an envelope (at: «XLAB, Skalitzer Strasse 67, Berlin, Germany, 10997?), or e-mailed to X_Lab ( before 17.07.2010. Our aim is to get as many interesting customs as possible. The result will be an urban installation made of square bunnies. The installation will be exposed in Berlin and then moved further to other countries.

To download squarebunny paper toy and check the rest of the Bakabakashii’s interview for t-ninja blog click here.

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