Florent Auguy

Auguy is native South western of France. He joined the Colagene agency in August, 2006. Self-taught since his youngest age, he was inspired by diverse influences such as Phil Hale, Ashley Wood, Stéphane Goddard, Stéphane Tartelin and many others … In 2004, he met Genia; his former agent with whom he get his first publications: Gala, Waterman, POP Champagne, France Telecom. He exposes in September, 2007 in Tokyo and in California and participates in different art books. Since his arrival in the Clinic, Auguy worked for Liaisons Social, Skipress, Jobboom, Clin d’œil, Le Jour de la Terre, Enivrance … Florent Auguy is represented by Colagene, illustration clinic. ( www.colagene.com )

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