The Creepshow – by Hara Katsiki/inklovespaper

Illustrations for Group Show @ CK / Berlin


As a kid I've always been fascinated by artists My bet was that they had something weird,beyond,queer,mythical,fab. I thought that these semigods by creating, they where giving birth to their creatures in an outside world. With this idea hunting me, I spent most of my life in this dream world. where fact and imagination were blending. Love,fear,death,blood,nature,fairytales,odd creatures,dolls,rainbows,animals,robots,mushrooms,horror film,animation,synth,colour,zeppelins,guns,torture,aliens,pixels.unicorns. I'm very earth-born but amazingly enough it was the computer and technology that helped me express myself. And finally i was home

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  1. i love it!!! common people are not as “common” as they show to us…great work!!!

  2. Eleftheria says:

    nice!!! looks great

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