The Brothers McLeod – Sticks for BBC Comedy Extra

Sticks Titles

Coming soon to BBC Comedy Extra. Sticks is a slice-of-life detective comedy series about Detective Inspector Plank and his bungling crew that includes Constable Witch, Constable Sergeant and Sergeant Constable. And it’s all animated using various wooden bits of cutlery. Most of the characters are drawn on coffee stirrers, but there are also a yeti on a spatula, a zombie on a pastry baster, and an evil pencil sharpener…

Sticks Characters

The idea for Sticks first came about a couple of years ago when Greg (the illustrator-animator half of The Brothers McLeod) drew some characters on coffee stirrers (as you do) and they had the idea of trying to do some ad lib stuff using them as puppets. Myles (the writer half) says, ‘We recorded a bunch of off-the-cuff sketches onto our naff video camera and tried to make each other laugh. A lot of it was incomprehensible, but some funny characters did emerge. Our favourites were a collection of bungling Cockney coppers and some ridiculous French private detectives.’

Sticks will run as a series of 2 x 4 minute and 6 x 1 minute animations. The trailer is here on YouTube:

There is also a Facebook Fan Page

Brother Myles

I am a writer and my bro is an illustrator-animator.

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