Joshua Cole – Snake Oil

“Snake Oil”
7.5” x 9.5” (19.05cm x 24.13cm)

New illustration for the “Little Adults” series.

Joshua Cole

Born in 1973, Josh Cole, the son of a sculptor/biker dad and hippy chick/biker mom, grew up in Phoenix, AZ before moving east in 1997. “It doesn’t matter one bit what you choose to do in life, just make sure you’re happy doing it”. Words spoken into his life by his father and words that Josh lives by. Since Josh was a child he watched his dad’s creativity birthed in the form of sculpture. Watching this was nothing less than inspiring and set the wheels in motion on the journey to whom he would become creatively. Through this journey Josh worked his creativity out through various forms of media and found a special place residing in his heart for photography and illustration. “These mediums allows me to dream up an idea and capture the core of it. Then take that jumping off point and twist it to the ultimate end. That piece of art that captures the dream I recently had, the nightmare that had it’s way with me, the quirky mood I feel, or any other inspirational subject that presents itself. It allows me to go somewhere visually I’ve never been before” Josh creates creative conceptual illustrative works using any combination of photography, pencil, ink, paper and various software tools. Josh Cole currently resides in Nashville, TN and, thanks to that good ol' internet technology, can work for anyone worldwide.

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