silvercord X maysum exhibition

I have worked on many crossover projects before, now here is one of them!!
I am so glad that I could help to design an Easter decoration for a famous shopping mall—Silvercord shopping center at TST, Hong Kong

It is a funny wonderland, the girl is not Alice, but is a fashion icon, what she wears is inspired by ss2010 Marc by Marc Jacobs fashion show!


May Sum is a multimedia artist and make-up artist with more than 4-year experience in creative media field and working along fashion, photography, illustration, painting, video and printed materials.

She has accumulated lots of experience through collaborative works with various famous fashion and beauty brands including Shu Uemura, Fancl,YUBZ, 5CM, Clean and Clear, Dove, Fossil, Blablabra, etc,and many famous local artistes. Her diverse experience creates a unique style accredited only to her and her artistic talent.

She is constantly working on her own innovative techniques always pushing and blurring the boundaries between painting and make-up. The most important
element of May's work is to be able to use her creativity to promote happiness and enhance one's individuality. In 2006, May Sum set up her creative label Wahahafactory (

1st solo exhibition
art and makeup exhibition part 1

1st solo exhibition
art and makeup exhibition part2

2006-2007 setup creative label Wahahafactory
art project
wahahafactory illustration at u+ magazine

art project and exhibition
shu uemura x wahahafactory crossover for powder foundation
natural glow finish 2007

june,2007 Gucci x Hugo boss creative image design in men's uno
june,2007 canon X jet X wahahafactory illustration feature

art project
wahahafactory x DaDagirl book cover and tee

group exhibition
feel good project session 3,Taipei summer2007

group exhibition
love and attitude exhibition in Lab yellow

aug,2007 TVB makeup consultant for 2008calender
aug,2007 product stylist for DTC
aug,2007 Fossil tin box design competition final round

group exhibition
Fossil tin box design exhibition in LCX

aug,2007 Blablabra design competition final round

group exhibition
Blablabra design exhibition in MegaBox

sep,2007 HKYAF X Dove –celebrate yourself art programme and
nov,2007 HKYAFX Standard Chartered Bank—“HeART in the
community”community art programme and exhibition

nov,2007 to dec 2007
group exhibition
MegaBoxing Day exhibition

dec 2007
group exhibition
x'mas swan exhibition in APM shopping mall

dec 2007
art project
YUBZ catalogue makeup+art and concept director

dec 2007 illustration for MUSE magazine (issue 11)cover

crossover exhibition
YUBZ art crossover,photo and 3D sculpture
”my little forest” exhibition at LOG-ON(city super)

Jan 2008 illustration for MUSE X Hong Kong Arts festival
programme”Titus Andronicus” adv

2nd Solo exhibition ”love and attitude exhibition HK tour 2008”
section1—at Kapok

group exhibition
”funny chinese mask”APM art crossover work and exhibition

04-02-08 to 08-03-08
2nd Solo exhibition
section2—the little person at Philia X World vision

01-03-08 to 31-03-08
2nd Solo exhibition
section 3—the little person at Hong Kong Les Artistes Cafe & Art Gallery

march 2008
hk arts development council ”Mobile Art Gallery 2008” Light box panels of bus shelters design winner

25th march,2008
maysum X Face magazine art jamming feature

july 2008
crossover project X apivita crossover work for WWF

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