Jack Douglas – New works for Exhibition ’21’

Opening Night Friday 16th April 6-9pm
Show runs 14th – 15th April
At Per Square Metre Gallery – 191-193 Johnston St,
Collingwood, Melbourne, Australia
Open Wed – Sat 12-6

This show is about coming-of-age in a society that’s not quite right. Graduating from art school and being forced to face the real world, dealing with drug use, alcoholism and petty violence. “I seek to escape my own personal dilemmas through the image-making process.” Feeling the urge to draw attention to the degradations in standards of living, the everyday Australian’s general contempt for each other and fearing things that are different. These “low life’s” each bare their own interesting stories, it is through his art that Jack attempts to portray them as a means for public discourse. Drawing on several influences (including pop surrealism, tattoo art, skateboard graphics, psychedelic music posters etc.), Jack has created a body of work that will act as a single piece of art through the process of installation that will hopefully make people stop and think about what is wrong with the world we live in.


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